How do I know this is legal?

     We are licensed to work in multiple states. Only a Private Detective license or an Attorney may do this type of work. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be a locator or such CALL THE POLICE or FILE A COMPLAINT with your states Department of Professional Regulation. In Illinois and most states, it is a FELONY to research and find people. Anyone making money for tracking you down and contacting you will go to prison.

How long have you been doing this?

     Larry has been working as a private Detective for over 20 years. Prior to now he did this on his own, now he has chosen to branch out to bring in employees to take the overwhelming amount of information to go though.

Why wont you tell me exactly where the funds are located?

     Money makes people funny. We are a for profit company and like to get paid for our work. Once we have an agreement then we will disclose where it is.

How much are you going to charge?
     There are laws and court rules to how much we charge. We must follow the law to keep our license. No cases are worth us going to prison and losing our license.
What is the Goverment of the State of California’s fifth biggest source of income?
     Property that has not been returned. By law buisnesses that have not had there payments cashed have to turn it over to the state. People who have not asked for thier property back, the State of California keeps. If California was its own country, they would be the 5 the richest country in the world.
How long do I have before I can never get my property back?
     Its depending on where it came from it could be as short as 1 year and 1 day and as long as 30 years. Some are already been past there expiration date, they just have not been entered into the system yet. We cannot even guarantee it will be there by days end if we do not file immediately.
Will you add my non for profit to your preferred donation list?
     Unfortunately no, It is very time consuming to set this up and implement the check and balance system.