President of Cash Private Detectives, [email protected]
Agency #117001855

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Biela is not only a private detective but also a writer, actor and producer. Although a lifelong creative artist, Mr. Biela discovered after graduating college that he also enjoyed working as a private detective. Larry’s decades of experience in wrongful conviction cases, murders, civil investigation, locating lost property and inheritances, most recently allowed him to transfer his specialized knowledge from major cases to the area of film. Having been a private detective on the streets of Chicago, his mastery of martial arts, stunts, weaponry and many other skills allow him to pursue his creative endeavors. Larry also volunteers at Operation Underground Railroad. The nonprofit organization paves the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking having rescued over 4,100 victims.

Having begun work as a paper boy in the fourth grade, Mr. Kasper prospered to managing his own lawn mowing business later that year. At the age of 11, he excelled at handling over 30 lawns. Just a few years later, he began working at the Brookfield Zoo as a Park Safety Officer. At the time, he was  the youngest person hired in the zoo’s police department having started work on his 15th birthday. Later he attended community college and then relocated to Australia to study computer programing. While developing a computer program for the government, he discovered there is property which the government is holding onto that isn’t theirs to keep. Upon having  discussions with an attorney,  he learned the only way to legally contact the rightful owners was as a licensed Private Detective. In search of the right firm to work for, he came upon, Mr. Larry Biela,  who does this type of work and he joined Larry’s team. Now Ben uses his computer skills for what he believes is good: keeping the government from taking what is yours.